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Mothers Matter

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing Pre- and Postnatal Mental Health support services to women, men and their families.

Our offerings encompass one-2-one support and holistic well-being for women and men throughout pre conception, pregnancy and in the postnatal period.









Providing support to women, men and their families during both their pre- and post-natal journeys as they navigate mental health challenges

Mothers Matter is a dedicated organisation specialising in pre and postnatal mental health, providing unwavering support to expectant and new parents throughout the critical early stages of their child’s development, up to the age of 5.
Our comprehensive range of free services includes community-based home support, Integrative one-on-one counselling, enriching community groups, well-being hubs, supportive befriending groups, and enlightening education classes. These services are meticulously designed to proactively address perinatal mental health challenges among new parents.

What we can offer

Our team would like to work with you in building your connection with yourself, your pregnancy and your baby. We offer the support we can in whatever way is needed to you, at the time you need it.

Support at Home



Peer Groups



You matter, we matter, Mothers matter.
Let us hold your hand through the fog.

Perinatal Wellbeing Hubs

Our Wellbeing Hubs are a place for new parents to make friends and access support. A safe and welcoming environment to meet with local mums and make new friends.

Our meetings help Mum remember time for themselves – a hot drink, a chat and some time for her. Hub staff can help with the babies, so Mum can enjoy this valuable time connecting with other parents.

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Making a difference

At Mothers Matter, our overarching goal is to combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can often accompany the journey into parenthood. We are committed to empowering the individuals who engage with our services by nurturing their self-esteem. This empowerment is achieved through empathetic listening, the provision of effective coping strategies, and a deep exploration of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
We forge a holistic bond with both mothers and fathers, as well as their families, within a welcoming and secure environment. In addition to our mental health services, we extend our support by offering clothing banks and nappy banks, ensuring that basic needs are met. Above all, we provide a non-judgmental space where the simple act of being heard and understood can make all the difference.

Contact Mothers Matter

If you feel you may benefit from any of our services,  then please contact Mothers Matter:

Mothers Matter

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