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Dads Mental Health Support

There are several reasons why men may struggle with opening up about their mental health struggles.

Men are often expected to be strong and self-reliant, and expressing vulnerability or seeking help for mental health issues can be seen as a sign of weakness. If individuals do not have positive role models in their lives who have been open about their mental health struggles, it can be difficult for them to know how to talk about their own experiences.

Symptoms of Depression to look out for:

These symptoms may vary for each individual and may include:

  • Feeling sad, guilty or confused
  • Feeling more emotional
  • Experiencing fatigue or low mood
  • Lacking appetite or overeating
  • Lacking concentration
  • Lack of enjoyment
  • Insomnia or nightmares
  • Worrying all the time
  • Withdrawing from your friends and family
  • Short tempered or easily irritated

Dads Mental Health

Dads may be afraid of being judged or stigmatised for having mental health issues, and may worry that it will negatively impact their relationships or career.

With limited access to mental health support, they may not recieve resources or information about mental health that are tailored to their specific needs, making it difficult for them to know where to turn for help.

It is important to note that these reasons are not unique to Dads, and that anyone can feel the same way.

Creating a safe space to open up can relieve emotional stress, improve relationships with their partner and children, and boost overall wellbeing.

It’s important for dads to know that seeking support for perinatal mental health is a sign of strength, not weakness, and that getting the help they need can have a positive impact on their own well-being as well as the well-being of their family

How can we help?

  • Community-based home support
  • Integrative one-to-one counselling
  • Enriching community groups
  • Wellbeing hubs, supportive befriending groups, and enlightening education classes
  • Baby Loss Support

To self refer for counselling, please complete our short form:

Mothers Matter offer local support to parents during pregnancy through to parenthood

Prenatal Depression & Anxiety

Finding out you are expecting a child can bring a bag of emotions and fears. However, you’ll know if the feelings you are experiencing may be something more. Even if you are just questioning how you feel at this time, please seek medical advice or contact a support service.

  • Access local support services such as Let’s Talk Men’s Mental Health
  • Attend support groups specifically for Dads
  • Ask your midwife or health visitor or go and see your GP

Some ways to support your health and wellbeing include:

Listening Opportunities


Local Groups

Online Forums

Befriending Services

Pregnancy Hubs

Antenatal Classes


  • Practising Self Care  - some actions which may help include going for a walk, reframing thoughts and behaviours, putting aside time for you, spending time with friends and family
  • Medication - if you have exhausted other options first, and its safe for you to take.

Contact Mothers Matter

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How can we help?

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