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All proceeds will go to Mothers Matter – to help us to continue our work in supporting mums and dads in our community. Your purchase helps with every part of running our projects – from training and insurance, right down to a cup of tea offered to a parent who needs to talk. 

MothersMatterCIC Flyer
A supportive message on our hoodies that lifts others. Spread the love!
MothersMatterCIC Flyer
Mothers Matter! And so do you… wear our long sleeved sweatshirt with pride
MothersMatterCIC Flyer
For mums who know the juggle and struggle of parenting!

Self Love Journal

Our 10 week journal is designed to help you track your progress and celebrate your achievements as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Each page has themes to guide your self reflection. You will also learn mindfulness-based exercises to practice. Using this guide, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs, and a stronger sense of self-worth and confidence.

We are trying to make a difference in women’s and their families lives who have suffered during their perinatal journey. Please contact us if you have ideas for raising much needed funds for us.

Collaborating with Nomination Italy

Original Charm for the Nomination Composable classic bracelet in sterling silver and enamel with a Mothers care symbol. Made in Italy.

Part of the proceeds will go to Mothers Matter, helping raise funds to support women in our communities.

Contact Mothers Matter

If you feel you may benefit from any of our services,  then please contact Mothers Matter:

Mothers Matter

Unit 2 Crown Buildings,
Tonypandy CF40 1QF

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 2pm

Call: 01443 548590

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