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Mothers Matter

We are a perinatal Mental Health project providing free counselling (face-to-face or via zoom), community home support, wellbeing workshops, peer groups, drop-in service, empowerment groups, mental health awareness classes and family events.

Our Services

We have opened wellbeing hubs where women can come along to a safe environment where they can make friends and exchange stories. Within the hubs, we offer an on-site counsellor to provide valuable listening opportunities. We also invite guest speakers and host mental health awareness sessions, and offer all Mums the opportunity to have counselling or self-refer for our home support.

Our services are for perinatal women and their families. We offer support to pregnant mums, neonatal mums and mums of children aged 0-5 years old. We offer support to both Mum and Dad from the very early stages with the aim of preventing Mental Health escalation. We believe that visiting Mum at an earlier stage stops isolation and postpartum depression as they have support and one-to-one contact from the very beginning.

You matter, we matter, Mothers matter.
Let us hold your hand through the fog.

Our aims

Our aims:

  • To listen and understand
  • To offer all the support we can to perinatal women and their families, making sure that their mental health needs are met
  • To provide a safe, supportive relationship
  • To offer workshops and peer groups

We aim to support Mum by:

  • To empower Mums to know their worth
  • To ensure all mums who are suffering with perinatal mental health are visited and offered support
  • To offer worksheets, journalling, coping mechanisms, self-reflection and the opportunity to talk through Mum’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours 
  • To offer all Mums and Dads in Rhondda Cynon Taff who are struggling counselling sessions, free of charge
  • To offer the opportunity to source guidance and support, and meet with Mums and others

With your help, we can…

Reduce waiting lists within the NHS

Offer funded counselling to all perinatal mental health patients

Dramatically reduce the perinatal mental health rate

Reach out to your patients at very early stage intervention

Offer a service with the NHS which isn’t yet offered in Wales

Grow our staff team

Offer patients 10 weeks of mental health and wellbeing assessments and support

Reach out to Mums on an all-Wales basis

Support us, so we can support you.

What can you do:

  • Refer patients to us
  • Assist us with the costs of our project, hubs and its resources
  • Offer us satellite rooms within hospitals to run peer groups and drop-in sessions
  • Send pregnant women and new mums to our hubs to ensure they are listened to and have opportunities to feel safe, supported and take vital time for themselves
  • Reach out to us for any wellbeing courses, peer groups and mental health drop-ins
  • Offer us midwives and health visitors who will talk to our Mum community to offer advice and guidance
  • Send perinatal Mums and Dads to all of our free mental health courses
  • Assist us in offering a peer group session for dads
  • Assist us in our aim to reduce high rates of perinatal mental health in any way that you can

Help us provide an amazing service for pre and postnatal women.
Please support us by completing our survey.

Contact Mothers Matter

If you feel you may benefit from any of our services,  then please contact Mothers Matter:

Mothers Matter

Unit 2 Crown Buildings,
Tonypandy CF40 1QF

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am – 2pm

Call: 01443 548590

How can we help?

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