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Counselling Sessions

Having a baby is not always what you imagined it would be. For some, it’s an overwhelming feeling that can cause a lot of stress on your now very different life. These feelings can come across in many different ways emotionally and physically. You could be experiencing feelings such as sadness, confusion, anxiety, loneliness or even emptiness.

Grief following the loss of a baby is such a life altering, painful experience to go through. This grief can ultimately leave you feeling incredibly lonely and empty, as though you don’t have anyone to open up to.

Funded Counselling Sessions

By using our counselling service, we can help provide you with a safe space to talk freely in a non-judgmental environment. Experiencing and understanding these feelings with someone that can support you emotionally won’t take away your grief, it’ll help you to navigate your own emotions to eventually heal in your own time.

You can use our service as an individual or as a couple. If you wish to refer yourself for our counselling service, please follow the guidelines below and fill out a small questionnaire about yourself.

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Free Counselling Service

Here at Mothers Matter we offer a free counselling service for families struggling with their perinatal journey. 

Please note: As this is a free service, we are extremely busy. Therefore we have a cancellation policy.

If you wish to cancel your appointment anything less than 24 hours before you are due to come in, there will be a £10 fee to help cover the cost of any inconvenience.

Our team of Counsellors

Our counsellors are qualified and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS).


Registered with: NCPS


Registered with: NCPS


Registered with: BACP


Registered with: BACP

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my baby?

Yes, of course. We understand leaving your baby is difficult, so you are most welcome to bring your baby along to the sessions.

I have a 4-year-old child. Can I still have counselling?

If you have children under the age of 5, or their families who are suffering due to perinatal mental health, you are eligible for counselling.

How many sessions can I have?

Our scheme can offer up to 6 funded face-to-face sessions. If further counselling is needed, your counsellor will provide you with alternative avenues.

Can I cancel or rearrange my booked session?

We require 48 hours (two working days) notice to cancel and / or change your appointed counselling timesslot. This notice period allows us to offer your original timeslot to another mother waiting for their counselling session.

You will need to telephone our centre or send an email within this notice period to change or cancel a session that you have booked with our counsellors. You will be asked about booking another session at an alternative time, or if you wish to withdraw from our scheme.

Attendance to counselling sessions is recorded. Non-attendance to a pre-arranged counselling session is also recorded, and repeated non-attendance may lead to withdrawal from the scheme.

What is the referral process?

Please get in touch if you would like to refer yourself or someone you are working with. Telephone us at our centre on 01443 548590 or email our team at info@mothersmattercic.co.uk to find out more about joining our counselling scheme.  We will send you a short form to complete so we can understand individual requirements and decide how best we can help.

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