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Listening to others when you are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life regarding having children is never a true picture. All pregnancies are different, all women are different and all of our bodies are different. How you find pregnancy will be completely different to how your best friend or your mum found it. Your body will carry completely differently and how your body responds to labour is also completely different. All women have completely different labour stories to tell and it is very rare they are relatable. Going through labour is either a beautiful time for some or it can be a traumatic time.

Once you have your baby, the feelings you embrace are true to you and no other. Only you know how you feel once your baby is here. Babies all react completely differently once they are born, some are starving, some seem to cry alot and others seem content. These behaviours have no impact on you as a mother and again no one can relate because everyone is different.Bringing a baby home is the hardest job in the world. The adjustment you have to make is huge and its completely life changing. On top of that you are absolutely shattered.

I’m sure lots of women question their abilities as a mother and whether they did the right thing…I’m sure I did. Thats absolutely natural and there is nothing wrong with that.As mums we make it work. We get by how we decide it works, if its different to others then that’s OK.

Motherhood is the hardest job of all and no matter what way you decide to do it, its your way and it works for you and that’s great. Always remember you are never alone in your thoughts. Please message us if you have a question or you are struggling. We are here to help.