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Tonight brings an end to baby loss awareness week.

It has been a week full of emotion and saddness for many including me.

As much as its great to raise awareness, its also an extremely sad and hard time for those who have lost.

If you know someone who has lost, wether that be a miscarriage, stillbirth or the lost of a child or step child – please please give them a hug and listen to them because my guess is they have been through a very hard week.

We all find life hard sometimes and sometimes life hits us hard and are only thing to do is to protect ourselves and survive. I have found this week really hard. My only comfort has been I have been here to support others and being able to relate. We have cried together and exchanged stories which has been quite comforting.

I would like to say that a loss is a loss…please dont feel that losing a baby as early as 6 weeks doesn’t warrant sadness. As soon as we see that positive test, its a baby. There is a beautiful life growing within us. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, a loss is a trauma and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to feel sad.

Our hearts have broken this week but together we will get through it and together we will be strong. Love to you all and love to the bright stars 🌟 tonight as we say goodnight to baby awareness week. We never ever forget, the pain will never leave us but we learn to live without you