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Mothers Matter is run by two volunteers, Katy & Cheryl. We are trying our very best to make a difference in women’s and their families’ lives who have suffered during their perinatal journey.

These experiences can be anything from baby loss to postnatal depression (PND). Perinatal depression affects 7 out of 10 women and there is very little support in Wales. The NHS are so stretched, they try their best but don’t have the capacity to see to all perinatal women.

We are desperately trying to support as many perinatal women as we can. We aim to make a difference by offering one-to -one support, Counselling and now a wellbeing hub for women to feel safe.

Every penny we get goes straight back into our service. Fundraising enables us to grow and offer our services in other areas. Our aim is to cover Wales by the end of 2021 – your support can help us achieve that.

Help us extend our reach to a wider area

We are asking you to support us in meeting our fundraising goal of £1000 on our Go Fund Me website. Please donate what you can, even a small gift can help us step closer to our goal. You can also help us to spread the message about our fundraiding campaign by sharing our page on your social media profiles.

No woman should have to suffer alone, we all need to be listened to and we all need to support.