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When women have babies life is pretty much all about that baby.

The health visitor checks the babies weight, height, feeding, sleeping etc midwife comes out makes sure the baby is thriving, does a quick check In with mum making sure she’s sleeping when baby sleeps (not always possible when you have washing and bottles to wash)but can’t really do anything if mum says no -as much as midwifes are amazing they can only refer to outside agencies, they are unable to stay with their patients they are there ensuring you have everything in place for your new baby.

But what about MUM who is there for her? Who does mum have to chat to, who is checking if mum is so tired her temper is getting shorter by the day (absolutely natural feeling, every mother can relate to), whos there checking mum is showering, having time to wash her hair or drink a hot cup of tea? Who’s there telling mum everything is ok? whos there to sit with the baby when mum needs to eat?

NO ONE. What if there was that person who sat with the baby for mum to have a shower or a hours sleep, what if there was that person who was there so you could have 1 maybe 2 hot cuppas a day and what if there was that one person you could pick up the phone to at anytime and have a good old cry? What if there was that one person that was there to listen to you, offer a shoulder to cry on or just be there when you need them? Well now there is that service in Wales. Babies can sense when mum is stressed, tired, overwhelmed, lonely.

Don’t let it get to that stage. We are here whenever, for whoever needs us. Just drop us an email or inbox us and we can be there for you.